The Kovacs Foundation

The Kovacs Foundation is a non-for-profit philanthropic institution, specialized in neck and back pain. It is the primary contributor to research on neck and back pain in the Spanish-speaking world.

The Foundation conducts clinical research which leads to:
Improvements in patient care and patient recovery.
Improvements in the efficiency of the allocation of healthcare resources, by encouraging the uptake of innovative, safe and effective health technologies and dissuading practitioners from abandon the use of healthtechnologies which have proved to be ineffective or those which have proved to subject patients to risk unnecesarily.

The Kovacs Foundation is an organisation which stands for the defence of public interest and collaborates with governmental instutitions and other stakeholders interested in healthcare, in order to achieve its public service objectives.

Established in 1986, The Kovacs Foundation's initial focus centered on furthering scientific knowledge in the field of neck and back pain.

In 1992, The Kovacs Foundation launched its outpatient services through a network of specialized clinics.

The public health program was created in 1996, to support governmental institutions interested in transferring advances.

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